Protect Your NY/NJ Evergreens from Dry Winter Winds

November 13, 2019 |

Don’t take chances with Old Man Winter as he unleashes his dry, freezing winds over your evergreens this winter.

New York and New Jersey winters are brutal and can dry out your evergreens making them look brown and lifeless come spring.

Your Rockland County or Bergen County woody ornamentals need anti-desiccant spraying to keep moisture in your plants’ needles and leaves. Plus, your tree care company will provide other winter prep services for added winter protection for all of your evergreens.

How to Protect Your Evergreens from Winter Burn

Winter burn, also known as desiccation, happens when these three factors are in play:

  • Low or no soil moisture
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Strong winter winds.

For evergreens with needles, you’ll notice winter burn when the needle tips turn yellow or yellowish red. This discoloration continues unless you protect your shrubs from these harsh winter winds and sun.

Conversely, broadleaf evergreens, such as azaleas, boxwoods, hydrangeas and rhododendrons’ leaves will start browning along the edges.

If your winter burned tree or shrub doesn’t get any more moisture, the discoloration will extend throughout the rest of the plant, eventually killing it.

Ideally, you should water your evergreens during the fall to help build-up moisture in the soil. Plus, your landscape company will apply fresh mulch under your evergreens to keep moisture in the ground.

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There are other types of winter injury that damage evergreens including

  • Desiccation injury
  • Direct low-temperature injury
  • Frost heaving
  • Frost injury
  • Snow and ice breaking off of tree limbs
  • Winter sunscald.

All of these winter injuries take a toll on your Rockland County evergreens. Your woody ornamentals need protection now before winter sets in.

4 Ways Your Landscape Company Protects Your Evergreens from Winter Injury

Late fall is the perfect time to get your pines protected from harsh winter weather. Your landscape company will provide the following four methods for safeguarding your evergreen shrubs and trees from Old Man Winter:

  1. Burlap Wrapping: Burlap is a light material that will protect your evergreens from harsh winter winds and crippling ice. Your landscape technician will wrap your trees to preserve the plants’ branches from drying out over the winter.

Burlap wrapping also protects arborvitae and boxwoods from getting out of shape as snow piles on them. The wrap holds the limbs in place, so snow can’t weigh them down.

  1. Anti-desiccant or anti-transpirant sprays: During photosynthesis, evergreens release moisture (called transpiration) through leaves and needles, leaving your hedges vulnerable to cold winds. The harsh wind allows this moisture to evaporate, drying out your evergreens.

Anti-desiccant and anti-transpirant sprays provide a light, waxy coating on your evergreens to keep moisture in rather than evaporating out of the leaves and needles.

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  1. Branch Tying: Your landscaper will tie branches together to protect ornamental trees branches from getting weighed down by heavy, wet snow or ice. Your trees have a better chance of survival when they’re protected before the first snowstorm.
  2. Mulching: A fresh mulch application in October or November benefits your evergreens, shrubs, ornamental trees, and flowerbeds. Since evergreens and other shrubs are at risk for losing moisture, mulch will keep moisture locked into the soil.

Your shrubs’ roots will absorb that moisture in the middle of winter to keep your woody plants hydrated. Plus, mulch regulates soil temperatures, protects roots from heaving during a freeze/thaw cycle, and provides nutrition as it breaks down over winter.

How Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Protects Your Evergreens from Winter Winds

Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape provides shrub and tree wrapping as well as anti-desiccant spraying, branch tying, and mulching now before winter arrives.

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