Why You Need Organic Lawn Services in Rockland and Bergen Counties

July 17, 2020 |

Isn’t it time you consider organic lawn care for your New York or New Jersey lawn?

Organic lawn care’s philosophy differs from conventional lawn care: Conventional lawn care, with its use of pest and weed controls, nourishes the grass plant, but not the soil..

Organic lawn care seeks to replenish your soil with nutrients that build up the eco-system that keeps moisture and nutrients in the soil for a longer time. Grass roots also grow deep into the ground to find that moisture, which makes your lawn more drought tolerant.

When you employ an organic lawn service near you, you take out all the guesswork of properly transforming your yard from conventional to organic.

What’s Organic Lawn Care?

When you opt for organic lawn care, you’re putting products in the soil that encourages life to grow below ground.

Earthworms, nematodes, spiders, beneficial bacteria, and fungi all work together to create a healthy environment for plant life above ground. Grass roots go deep into the soil and develop small hairs that find stored nutrition and moisture.

Why is this important?

It helps your lawn survive a hot, dry summer as well as find nutrition and moisture during the cold winter months.

Plus, organic fertilizer and weed control are safer for your children and pets. You don’t need to keep everyone in the house for 24 hours after application unless you opt for sustainable lawn care.

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Sustainable lawn care uses mostly organic materials but will subsidize with conventional weed and pest control—but at reduced amounts—while you wait for your natural grass yard to grow densely to keep weeds and bugs out.

Here are the main components of organic lawn care:

  1. Natural compost or compost teas provide nutrition as well as keep moisture in the soil longer.
  2. Organic fertilizer provides nutrition that encourages a vibrant soil eco-system.
  3. Cornmeal gluten is used for weed control.
  4. Lime balances soil pH
  5. Gypsum naturally aerates your soil and neutralizes uric acid from your pets.

There is one drawback to organic lawn care: weeds. In the transition phase of adding environmentally-friendly lawn care back into the soil, you’ll notice more weeds popping up.

Give natural lawn care time, though. Once your yard grass starts growing densely, you’ll notice fewer weeds in your lawn.

Also, let different pests and weeds tell you what’s wrong with your property. For example, many plantains and crabgrass indicate soil compaction.

Meanwhile, chinch bugs love dry, stressed lawns. And fungal diseases, such as dollar spot or brown patch, give evidence that you’re overwatering your lawn or watering too late in the day during hot & humid nights.

Cultural Management – How You Help Speed Up the Benefits of Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care

While you may hire an organic lawn service to apply fertilizers, compost, lime and gypsum, you still play a significant role in the health of your grass lawn.

Here are seven tips to help you take care of your natural lawn in-between your lawn service appointments:

  1. Only cut your grass with sharp blades. Dull blades can tear the grass plant exposing it to insects and disease.
  2. Only take off the top third of the grass plant when you mow, so turfgrass grows densely, and it encourages deep root growth.
  3. Mow your lawn in different directions so that no one side gets longer and bends over, allowing fungal diseases to develop.
  4. Consider using a mulching mower that chops grass to dissolve back into the ground. You’re giving your NY or NJ lawn up to a 25% nitrogen boost.

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  1. Make sure you hire your lawn service in September to aerate and overseed your lawn. Core aeration reduces thatch and relieves soil compaction. It also allows oxygen, water, and sunlight to reach deeper into the soil.
  2. Hire only an organic lawn service near you. Your organic lawn care company understands the local climate and the soil needs of Hudson Valley properties.
  3. Invest in an in-ground irrigation system. In-ground irrigation systems are best due to the technology that controls the amount of water going out at any given time.

If you have an older irrigation system, get it retrofitted to include weather, moisture and freeze sensors. You can also add Bluetooth technology to your sprinkler system so you can turn on and off the water from anywhere in the world.

Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape is Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ’s Premier Organic Lawn Service

If you’re a Rockland County or Bergen County homeowner or property manager, you want to hire Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape to provide organic lawn services for you.

As your organic lawn care company near you, we provide both organic lawn care and conventional lawn care. If you’re ready to switch to natural lawn care, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County, NY properties, and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County, NJ properties.

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At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we serve the following cities in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ: New City, Nyack, Stony Point, Montebello, and Park Ridge.


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