Why Your NY or NJ Lawn Needs Gypsum This Fall

October 2, 2019 |

Your Rockland County, NY lawn’s success starts with the soil. Your turfgrass needs a gypsum application this fall to alleviate soil compaction, add calcium, and help water percolate down deep into the ground.

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is calcium sulfate. It differs from lime because it’s a sulfate where lime is calcium carbonate, hydroxide, or oxide.

Gypsum, a soft mineral, comes from gypsum rock that’s mined from the earth. Gypsum works well in clay soils or soils with high concentrations of salt.

For Bergen and Rockland Counties, gypsum reduces soil compaction and improves the soil to absorb water better.

How Gypsum Benefits New York and New Jersey Lawns

Gypsum provides many benefits to Rockland County, NY lawns, including the following:

  • It adds needed minerals
  • It gets rid of excess salt in the ground
  • It reduces soil compaction by breaking up the soil
  • It helps air and water penetrate deep into the soil
  • It encourages root development and growth
  • It improves the grass’s ability to absorb essential nutrients
  • It prepares the ground to receive seed

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  • It helps with seed development
  • It reduces erosion
  • It adds calcium and sulfur to the soil which you can’t get from regular lawn fertilizer
  • It benefits earthworms that naturally aerate the soil
  • It removes aluminum from the ground
  • It absorbs deeper into the ground than lime.

Why Use Gypsum Instead of Lime

You may have heard that many lawn care companies use lime as a soil amendment. But gypsum actually tops lime in improving soil health as well as it helps lime work better in the soil.

For example, gypsum is soluble in water and can go deeper into the soil than lime. Here are some other ways that gypsum trumps lime:

  • Gypsum works faster than lime as a soil conditioner
  • Gypsum goes deeper into the subsoil where lime can’t reach
  • Gypsum supplies calcium to the soil that enables turfgrass root growth as well as aids in nutrient absorption and improved moisture uptake.
  • If you have Ph problems, you still need lime! Moss in your lawn is a symptom of bad Ph.

Get Your Bergen County, NJ Lawn Aerated and Overseeded with a Gypsum Application

Fall is the perfect time to aerate and overseed your Bergen County lawn. At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’ll add gypsum to the soil to help with grass seed germination and to break up soil compaction.

A gypsum application helps your new lawn grass grow thick and green as well as develop deep roots before winter. Gypsum will also add calcium and sulfur to your New Jersey soil that regular lawn fertilization doesn’t provide.

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If You Want a Beautiful, Thick Lawn, You Need Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape

At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we know how to create healthy, green lawns. We offer our clients both conventional and organic lawn care.

At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we also provide many other outdoor services including

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Mosquito and tick control
  • Landscaping and landscape renovation
  • Hardscaping
  • Water Features
  • Fence installation
  • Tree care—owner Joe Holland is a certified arborist
  • Landscape lighting
  • Complete irrigation systems
  • Snow and ice management
  • Firewood delivery.

If your Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY lawn needs gypsum as well as core aeration and overseeding, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County properties and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County properties.

You can also fill out our contact form and someone from our office will respond to you shortly.


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