Snow Removal and Ice Management Services

With Every Storm, We Put 10 Crews To Work on Snow Removal and Safety

With snow and ice contributing to New City and Nyack landscapes each year, a plan for residential and commercial winter safety makes sense. Majestic offers professional snow removal and ice management as a per-season contracted service, or by snow-event.


Snow and Ice Management Services from Majestic Include:

  • Snow plowing and shoveling to clear your parking lot, roadways and sidewalks in time for your employees, customers, guests and family members to arrive safely.

  • Calcium applications for sidewalks and entrance ways that are not harsh on your pet’s feet or surrounding landscape.

  • Salting for driveways and parking lots in appropriate situations and conditions...and with the right amount.

  • Timely, appropriate responses to snow and snow emergencies.

Prepare For Snow and Ice in New City, Nyack, and Rockland County Now!

Don’t wait for the next storm, plan for the snow and ice management of your property today by contacting Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape. We’re professional, dependable and responsive.

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