10 Ways to Prep Your NY Lawn and Landscape for Winter
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Winter is around the corner. Before the ground freezes for good and the snow starts to swirl, it’s time to prep your NY lawn and landscape for the coldest time of the year.
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we help Rockland and Bergen County properties get ready for wintertime. Here are 12 services we provide to prep your lawn and landscape:

  1. Fall yard clean up: Our crews will pick up sticks and other lawn debris; blow leaves to street and remove them for you if requested.
  2. Mowing: We’ll continue to mow your lawn until the first freeze. We’ll keep your lawn at 2”-2 ½” so it won’t mat and develop fungal diseases over winter.
  3. Fertilize and overseed your lawn: Fall is the best time to overseed your lawn. We’ll apply your last fertilizer application for the year to encourage your lawn grass to develop deep roots and to grow green and thick next spring.
  4. Dethatching: We’ll remove excess thatch from your yard so your soil can breathe and receive more water and nutrients. We use vertical mowers to remove thatch.
  5. Aerate: We will aerate lawn with over seeding to help your lawn breathe, get water and nutrients easier.
  6. Finish landscape projects: Do you want to enjoy your outdoor living spaces well into late fall? Then get your firepit and fireplace built in time for sitting around the fire and making s’mores with family and friends.
  7. Plant perennials for seasonal interest: Now’s the time for us to plant bulbs to greet you in early spring. And we’ll cut back and split perennials in your landscape so you’ll have continual seasonal interest from early spring right through fall.
  8. Blow out your irrigation system: Before the first freeze, we’ll blow out your sprinkler system and make any necessary repairs. You can rest assured that your irrigation system is properly closed down in time for winter.
  9. Add landscape lighting: Now’s the time to add outdoor LED lighting to your home. We’ll install lights to brighten up your home for security and late night entertaining.
  10. Get rid of dead or storm-damaged tree limbs and branches: You’re in luck when you hire Majestic Lawn Care and Landscapes. Owner Joe Holland is a certified arborist and he’ll visit your property to inspect your trees. If he notices any tree limbs or branches that need to be removed from your trees, he’ll remove them for you before winter winds start to blow.

BONUS: Fix walkways, patios and other hardscapes: While it’s fresh on your mind, it’s imperative to fix any patio, walkway or other hardscape flaws. We’ll fix your masonry to make walking safe and have your outdoor living rooms ready for entertaining next spring.
Are you ready to put your Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ lawn and landscape to bed for the winter? Then call us at (845) 708-2988 or fill out our contact form to make your appointment.
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