5 Fall Lawn Care Tips
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The 2016 growing season is soon coming to an end. Yet, your New York lawn still needs care until the ground is completely frozen and a blanket of snow covers it.
What you need to know about fall lawn care
It’s not too late to schedule an appointment with your professional lawn and landscape company to clean up your yard for you. Here are five fall lawn care tips your landscape maintenance company can do for you:

  1. Turn off your irrigation system & blow out: To avoid repairs in spring from frozen pipes or heads.


  1. Keep mowing until the grass stops growing: To avoid fungal and other lawn grass diseases from developing during winter, your lawn and landscape company will keep mowing your lawn. The goal: to keep your yard grass from getting matted and developing disease.

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  1. Fertilize your lawn: Fall is the best time to apply lawn fertilizer. When your lawn care provider applies fertilizer, that nutrition energizes the root systems to grow and get stronger to survive the cold months ahead.


  1. Finish cleaning up your property: Your lawn and landscape maintenance company will finish raking leaves and picking up yard waste such as pine cones, sticks and other debris. You can remove any heavy objects off of lawn and put away such as seasonal decorations, kids toys and lawn furniture.


  1. Install snow markers: It’s best to install snow markers, flags or stakes along the curb lines to avoid damage to lawn, curbs, plants and irrigation heads by snow plow and snow removal services

How Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Can Help You
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’re passionate about your property’s lawn health. And we know that it’s vital to care for it up until the ground freezes and the snow starts to fly.
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