How do you create an outdoor entryway that says “Welcome Home”? You send that cheerful message when your entryway and front yard are well-maintained with seasonal flowers in front beds, containers and urns, as well as a healthy lawn and sturdy walkways.
Springtime is the perfect time to spruce up your entryway. At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we can create the stunning outdoor entryway and front yard that will make your neighbors, family and friends go “Wow!”
Here are six ways we’ll tidy your Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY front porch and yard:

  1. We’ll clean up your front beds, containers and urns. We’ll remove old plant matter and soil. We’ll rake and pick up any debris that is left over from this winter’s storms. And we’ll also clean up any hardscapes, like your walkways.
  2. We’ll add annuals or transplant perennials in your front beds. We’ll also add seasonal floral displays in your containers, hanging baskets, and urns for your front porch. We can also add a small fountain or topiaries to bring the design together. We’ll edge your gardens and lawns, as well as add mulch to give your front landscape a finished look.
  3. We can plant new shrubs, trees and groundcovers in your front yard. We’ll also trim and shape shrubs and trees that are already established. For areas of your front yard that don’t get a lot of sun, we can plant shade-loving groundcovers to bring your landscape some fullness.
  4. We can renovate your lawn. If you have bare spots on your front yard, or your lawn is thinning or has too many weeds, we can renovate your lawn to make it healthy from the soil upwards. We’ll also overseed your lawn for a lush, green carpet of turf on your front lawn.
  5. We’ll keep up with your property maintenance needs throughout the entire season. We can come to your home every week to mow, pull weeds and freshen up your entryway eight months a year. In the spring, summer or fall, we can reapply mulch to your landscaped beds and borders to give it a renewed finished look.
  6. We can design and build walkways, steps, a retaining wall, a fence or even a water feature to spruce up your front yard. If your entryway needs to be remodeled, let us know. We’ll visit your home and discuss with you what you envision your outdoor entryway to look like…what type of base, lighting, and layout you want. We can also install stones or rocks to give your front yard a rustic feel.

Are you ready to make your outdoor entryway and front yard beautiful and welcoming this spring? Then call us today for an appointment.
Appointments are quickly filling up! If you live in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY, schedule your appointment with us to beautify your outdoor entryway and front yard. Call us today at 845-708-2988 or fill out our contact form.

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