8 Ways a Smart Sprinkler System Saves You Money & Makes Your NY or NJ Property More Water Efficient
July is Smart Irrigation Month.
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we promote smart water practices to save you money on your water bill as well as conserve our most precious resource, water.
Lawn sprinkler systems and drip irrigation are two ways to save money on water as well as maintaining a beautiful property.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Today’s sprinkler systems are designed with cutting-edge technology to make them easier to use and more efficient by using less water.
For example, smart sprinklers come with rain and weather sensors that turn off your water when a storm is imminent. A moisture sensor will turn off or on your lawn sprinkler depending whether it senses enough moisture or very little moisture in your yard’s soil.
And smart technology allows you to control your sprinkler settings, including when you want your system to start, with the touch of a button or a tap on your smartphone.

Lawn Sprinkler Investment

Initially, sprinkler systems cost a lot of money for the design, installation and set-up. However, after a few years, you’ll notice that your water bills are lower compared to the summers when you didn’t have a system.
Plus, you’ll be able to better water your property during a drought or mandatory water restrictions. Here are eight ways to get the most out of your irrigation system:

  1. Measure the water efficiency: Did you know that your property has many micro-climates? For example, if you have trees in your backyard or your property includes woodlands, you have a cooler micro-climate compared to the other part of your yard that’s in full sun all day long. Plus, if you have a slope, it’s a micro-climate of its own. So, when your contractor designs your irrigation system, it won’t be one size fits all. Instead, it’ll be designed to deliver less water to your shaded spots and more on your full sun areas.

Your irrigation designer will take into account your property’s different micro-climates as well as the type of soil on your property. For example, a yard with clay soil has different watering needs compared to lawns with sandy or loamy soil.

  1. Getting the most out of your lawn watering system: Make sure your sprinkler system design includes extra connections per zone. If you have the same irrigation valve with additional connections, you can expand your sprinkler system easily.
  2. Add drip irrigation, bubblers and micro-irrigation to your sprinkler’s design: As mentioned in earlier, you want your new sprinkler system to be water efficient. And you can accomplish that when you add drip irrigation, bubblers or micro-irrigation lines to your flower beds, container plants as well as under trees and shrubs. These smaller units deliver water directly to your plants’ roots, giving your landscape the right amount of water at the right time. You can control how long these units deliver water, and you’ll be amazed at how efficient they are for your gardens.
  3. Check your property’s water pressure: If you experience low or high water pressure, make sure you get it fixed before you install an irrigation system. Your water pressure will affect the efficiency of your new sprinkler.

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  1. Invest in only the best: As the old saying says, “You get what you pay for,” and if you invest in a cheap system, you’ll get cheap results by spending more money on repairs. Instead, save yourself the headache, as well as the potential for wasted water by investing in a quality sprinkler system. Also, if you end up needing to repair a sprinkler head or nozzle, make sure that you stick with the same brand as your sprinkler.
  2. Extend the life of your sprinkler system with monthly checks: During the growing season when you’re regularly using your sprinkler, make sure you perform a monthly check. Clean out sprinkler heads, readjust sprinklers so they’re watering your lawn and not your driveway, and clean out any filters. Also, be on the lookout for any leaks or areas that have some flooding.
  3. Hire an irrigation contractor for all of your lawn sprinkler needs: If you’re not a DIY’er and you want your system to work when you turn it on, then you need a landscaping contractor to design and install your sprinkler system. Additionally, your contractor can perform
  • An annual audit
  • Blowing out the system for the season
  • Monthly checks
  • Starting it up again in the spring.
  1. If you have an older irrigation system, save money by getting it retrofitted: You can still reap the rewards of a smart sprinkler when you have your current system upgraded with a timer, downloading an app to control your system as well as weather and moisture sensors.

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How Majestic Lawn and Landscape Helps You with All of Your Sprinkler System Needs

If you live in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY, you can depend on Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape to help you with all of your lawn sprinkler system needs—from design and installation, to monthly checks during the growing season, to audits as well as opening and closing your system for the season.
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