Let Us Help You Win the Weed War

While you’re enjoying the longer days and the warmer temperatures, you probably also have noticed weeds popping up throughout your Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY lawn.
At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we want to help you win the war on weeds. We can assist you on two fronts: Lawn care maintenance and landscape design.
Lawn care experts have long touted that a weedy lawn is indicative of a turf management problem. If healthy grass isn’t able to grow and form a dense carpet to crowd out weeds, something is missing in your lawn maintenance program. For example, your soil may be compacted and can’t properly absorb water, leaving moss to grow in abundance. Maybe you lightly sprinkled your lawn every evening last summer, and now your lawn appears thin because it was unable to develop deep root systems.
Additionally, lawn care experts have found a secondary problem to an overabundance of weeds…areas on your property that may not be suited for traditional turf. For instance, turf is unable to grow under a canopy of mature trees. In its place, crabgrass or creeping Charlie take over the bare spots.
Whatever the reason, we at Majestic Lawn and Landscape can help restore your grass to a lush and green yard. And in areas where grass refuses to grow, we can redesign it to be used for a special landscape purpose or add a hardscape feature to it. We can add a landscaped bed or a ground cover to those shady areas of your lawn.
When we first visit your property for a lawn analysis, we’ll take into consideration all of the above scenarios. And you and our team can come up with an effective plan of action for your property this season:

  • Lawn care maintenance: If your current turf isn’t healthy, we’ll renovate your lawn from the ground up. We’ll take soil samples to be tested to see if there are any key nutrients missing. We’ll also have the lab test your soil’s pH to make sure that it’s at the right level to successfully grow grass.
    Once we get your soil test results back, we’ll layout a plan to revive your lawn. That may involve lime or fertilizer to restore your soil’s pH and nutrient levels. If we find that your soil is compacted, we’ll suggest core aeration, gypsum and reseeding your lawn so water and air can be better absorbed into the ground.
    If need be, we’ll first apply an herbicide to get those weeds under control. Right now, we can apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop any crabgrass from getting a chance to grow in your lawn. Later in the season, we’ll apply post-emergent weed control for broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and black medic.
    You can sign up for any of our lawn maintenance programs that fit your budget and your needs. To promote a healthy, dense lawn, we recommend that you invest in our lawn mowing services. Our blades are sharpened every morning and we won’t take off more than a third of the leaf blade. We can come to your home every week or bi-weekly to mow your lawn according to your goals and wishes.
    We’ll also reseed areas of your lawn with grass blends that do well in our climate and survive our harsh winters. Similarly, we have a variety of grass blends that work well in shade or full sun lawns.
  • Landscape design: Areas of your lawn may need to be transformed into a landscaped bed or have a hardscape feature added to it because it doesn’t get enough sun to encourage full turf growth. A water feature, a boulder, a fire pit or a landscaped bed can add interest and value to your home while keeping weeds under control. We’ll be happy to discuss any of your landscape design/build needs and desires with you.

Overall, you can reduce your need for herbicides while controlling weeds at the same time in your New City lawn. We can help you by restoring your lawn to health to crowd out pesky weeds. And if parts of your lawn need to be designed because turf refuses to grow, we can develop a master plan for you that will allow you to add a hardscape feature or a new landscaped area to your property.
Are you ready to win the war on weeds? Then call us today at (845)708-2988 or fill out our contact form.

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