You Can Save Money & Water with Organic Lawn Care
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Did you know that July is Smart Irrigation Month? And you can celebrate smart watering techniques by investing in organic lawn care.
Organic lawn care uses a system that requires less water usage as well as uses all of the beneficial lawn care practices that promote a healthy, green yard.
In this article, you’ll learn more about organic lawn care, how it helps you save money on your water bill as well as conserve water at the same time.
Organic Lawn Care
How does organic lawn care differ from conventional methods?
First, it uses products that are all natural or organic with no synthetic ingredients. Second, natural lawn care works with your soil to produce a healthy lawn.
For example, we’ll perform a soil test on your property before we set up our organic lawn care program with you. Your soil leads the way to a healthy lawn. Next, we will do what the soil test tells us. It will tell us whether to put lime or gypsum, how much fertilizer and how much soil amendments are needed.
Here are three other benefits of using organic lawn care:

  • Organic fertilizers not only help the lawn & soil, but the product lasts longer than conventional methods
  • Lawns treated with organic lawn care can withstand heat stress and dry conditions better then conventionally maintained lawns
  • Compost, not only feeds the soil, but it holds in moisture when properly applied.

When you provide the right kinds of nutrients to your property’s soil, it’ll retain existing moisture over a longer period of time.
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How Your Lawn’s Sprinkler System Works with Organic Lawn Care
You can save even more money when you use your lawn’s sprinkler system. Turf scientists have proven that your lawn only needs about a 1” – 1 ½” of water per week.
And any rain that falls on your property during that one week period goes to the total amount. With organic lawn care, water will percolate deep into the soil to be used throughout the following week.
When it looks like we’re having a dry summer, read these tips to help your yard grass survive.
Likewise, you can check to see if your irrigation system is delivering the right amount of water throughout your entire lawn. For example, you can put coffee cans throughout your yard to measure total water amounts.
If you find that one area of your yard is getting too little water while another area is getting too much, you can adjust your nozzle heads so that your yard grass is getting the right amount of water in every section.
Plus, your Smartphone will save you a ton of time when it’s hooked up to your watering system. You can set what time you want your irrigation system to go on and off and how much water your lawn needs.
You can add weather or moisture sensors to your existing system to shut off the sprinklers when there is a rainstorm or the moisture in the soil hits a maximum amount.
Five Additional Tips for Saving Water
There’s more to organic lawn practices than non-synthetic fertilizers. Indeed, there are yard care practices that work hand-in-hand with organic products. Here are five bonus tips to reduce your outdoor water usage:

  1. Only take the top third off your grass when you mow
  2. Use different directions each time you cut your grass
  3. Invest in core aeration and reseeding every fall
  4. Use organic compost to add natural nutrients to your soil
  5. Hire a professional lawn service to perform all of the above activities

You can save money on your water bills as well as develop a vibrant lawn at the same time when you invest in organic lawn care.
Do you want to learn more about the benefits of organic lawn care? Then read this blog post.
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