Why You Should Consider Perimeter Pest Control
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You’ve heard the news all summer: The Zika virus is spreading northward—mostly from people who got bit by a mosquito in Florida and then came home to New York. Mosquitoes also carry the West Nile virus. And then there’s the constant threat of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.
Yet, you can protect your family from these dangerous diseases by hiring a landscape professional to apply pest control around the perimeter of your property.
Synthetic or Organic?
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we provide both synthetic and organic perimeter pest control. Synthetic pest control will kill everything on your property—including bees and other beneficial pollinators. We also offer organic pest control that won’t harm bees.
Home Management
Additionally, you can decrease your disease risk by eliminating tick and mosquito breeding areas. Here are some home management tips to keep ticks and mosquitoes off your property:

  1. Keep your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed. Both ticks and mosquitoes prefer shade over full sun.
  2. Create a barrier between the woods and your lawn. Wood chips or rocks work wonders at separating your lawn from your property’s wooded area. Keep playing and entertaining areas in the sunnier parts of your yard.
  3. Clear brush and drain any standing water.
  4. If you have a swimming pool, keep your filters clean and your pool water chlorinated.
  5. If you have a water garden, keep it stocked with fish and pond plants. Add a filter to keep the water moving.
  6. Regularly change bird baths.
  7. Keep deer and other mammals out of your yard. As you know, deer are the main carriers of deer ticks. Rabbits, mice and squirrels can also bring ticks to your lawn.
  8. Plant deer- and mosquito-resistant plants. Marigolds, citronella and some mints are perfect to deter mosquitoes. You can find deer resistant plant ideas here.

If you want your family and friends safe from mosquito- and tick-borne diseases, contact us at Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape for your perimeter pest control appointment. You can call us at (845) 708-2988 or fill out our contact form.
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