Does your Rockland, Westchester, Bergen, or Orange County lawn look dull and dead? Well, rest assured your grass isn’t gone; it’s just sleeping during the dog days of summer.
According to Joe Holland, of Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, your lawn is protecting itself by going into dormancy. Here are some reasons why your lawn may be hunkering down:

  • Because your region is experiencing a mini-drought or a dry summer
  • Because there may be water restrictions in your region that prohibits you from giving your lawn a good soak once a week
  • Because your turf is protecting itself by concentrating all of its moisture to its crowns and roots. The crowns are the leafy base of the grass plant.

Your lawn will bounce back. But the time it takes will depend on how healthy your grass was before it went dormant, and how long it has been dormant. You can help your yard come back to its lush, green look by doing the following:

  • If your lawn had heavy thatch and a weak root system before it went dormant, you should consider having it aerated and overseeded
  • If you do allow your turf to go dormant, you should at least supply ½” of water every three to four weeks to keep the roots and crowns alive
  • If you want to avoid having your lawn go dormant, you’ll need to water it regularly when there are long stretches of dry weather.

Stop! Don’t Chop the Top!

Once trees have come into their full leafy state in late spring, some homeowners believe it’s time to take a little off the top. Lawn care and landscape professionals call this “topping” when a homeowner has the tops of his trees cut. Other names for tree topping are stubbing, dehorning, or heading. No matter the name, tree topping is bad for trees because it accelerates their growth, resulting in long, skinny shoots that quickly grow back, and it creates a need for regular tree topping.
Other cons to tree topping are

  • When a tree is topped, it becomes more susceptible to insects and disease
  • Rotten limbs may fall from the topped tree and could cause serious injury or property damage
  • It takes away from the overall beauty of your entire landscape
  • It decreases your property value.

Joe Holland, of Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, urges all Rockland, Westchester, Bergen, and Orange County property owners to avoid topping your trees. It’s much better to hire a professional technician, who’ll prune your limbs to improve your trees’ health and appearance, while decreasing the potential for your trees to suffer from wind or storm damage.
To hire a professional technician to prune your trees or to aerate and reseed your lawn after a dry summer, <a href=””>Contact us now</a>, or call Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape today at 845-708-2988.

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