You might be thinking, “What is an efficient landscape? And how will that benefit my Rockland County, NY property?”
An efficient landscape is also called a water wise landscape. And a water wise landscape can save you money as well as slow down your water consumption.
At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we design landscapes as well as plant trees, flowers, shrubs and other media based on their irrigation needs. In the landscape business, we call this hydro-zoning.
If you want an efficient landscape, we’ll also plant turf where it’ll be best utilized on your property. We’ll employ smart lawn maintenance practices, such as installing an irrigation system on your property, utilizing integrated pest management and other maintenance practices that reduce water consumption.

How does efficient landscaping benefit you?

With efficient landscape design, we take your entire landscape and build beautiful gardens, borders and turf from the soil upward because good soil health is vital to successful lawn and landscapes. In the long run, when you have healthy soil, deep root systems and thriving plants, you’ll save time and money maintaining your property.
Additionally, your city water bills will be lower and your landscape investment will be designed to last so you don’t have to reinstall a new landscape every year.
How can we design and build an efficient Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ landscape to be water wise? Here are eight ways:

  1. We’ll design your property into hydro-zones by grouping plants together based on their irrigation needs.
  2. We’ll do a soil test to make sure your soil is at the right pH and has the right nutrients to encourage bountiful plant life. We’ll recommend a plan to get your soil back to a healthy state based on what the lab reports says.
  3. We’ll recommend lawn renovations if your soil is compacted, has bare spots, has too much thatch or too many weeds.
  4. We’ll add mulch to your beds and borders to hold in moisture and regulate soil temperature so your plants thrive.
  5. We’ll plant native flowers, shrubs, and trees. New York natives can withstand our climate, moisture fluctuations as well as they’re resistant to disease. We can also install other plant material that won’t invade our woodlands to complement your entire landscape.
  6. We can design purposeful places for turf, such as play areas and walkways. Plus, we use integrated pest and weed management with the goal of a healthy, dense lawn that has deep root systems to draw water from the soil’s moisture reserves.
  7. We can install an irrigation system so you can set a timer and a rain sensor to water your lawn and landscapes early in the morning. Additionally, an irrigation system with rain sensors will turn off the water when it starts to rain or when it senses that there’s adequate moisture in the ground.
  8. We provide regular maintenance on your lawn and landscapes. Our professional mowers are set at the right height to safely cut your grass at 3”. We’ll also employ “grasscycling” where we keep the grass clipping on the lawn to be absorbed back into the soil for a natural fertilizer boost. However, if you prefer that we bag your clippings and haul them away, we can do that too.

If you live in Bergen County, NJ or in Rockland County, NY, we can visit your property to develop a landscape design that will responsibly use your natural resources to save you money as well as benefit the environment. Call us today to schedule your efficient or water wise landscape at 845-708-2988 or contact us here.


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