Why Fall Fertilization is Vital for Next Spring’s Growth

It’s autumn and a great time to fertilize your lawn, shrubs, and trees in the Rockland, Westchester, Bergen, and Orange Counties, New York region. The top growth of your lawn is slowing down, and your other plants are heading toward winter dormancy. But your plants’ root system is kicking into high gear before winter begins.

Your shrubs, trees, and turf’s roots are expanding and filling their nutrient reserves to carry them through the winter. The more nutrients that your plants’ roots can absorb and stow away, the stronger your plants will be in the spring.

Here are some reasons why fertilizing your plants, in the fall, works:

  • Your lawn, shrubs, and trees need the three basic ingredients found in fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium
  • Nitrogen promotes color in all plants, and it promotes top growth in lawns
  • Phosphorous stimulates root development
  • Potassium helps plants resist disease, as well as helps plants to conserve water within their root systems
  • A heavy dose of fertilizer applied to your trees and shrubs, in the autumn, will help build up their nutrient reserves over the winter
  • It helps your trees, shrubs, and lawn look vibrant and healthy in the spring
  • It helps plants better resist diseases and insects
  • It improves the color of your turf and evergreens during the cold winter months
  • It helps to decrease winter winds’ effects on your grass, shrubs, and trees
  • It encourages better blooming in flowering trees and shrubs during the spring and summer
  • Your foliage will be denser and healthier in the spring
  • Your plants’ root branching and mass will increase after fertilizing in the fall
  • Your lawn will have a thicker green up in the spring
  • Your plants will recover better from summer heat and drought stress after next summer’s sizzling temperatures
  • And fertilizer helps to improve resistance to some cool-weather fungi that may develop over the cold, winter months.

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