How to Have a Healthy, Thick Lawn This Spring
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Do you dream of having a large carpet of green grass on you NY property? Are you tired of caring for the same way as you have in the past with varied results?
Then it may be time to switch to organic lawn care.
You can have a worry free lawn. Read more about how to get it.
Your Lawn Needs a Soil Test
For a truly healthy, thick lawn, your soil needs to have the right amount of nutrients and pH balance to nurture grass seed into developing a strong root system and thick, green plants that live above the soil line.
Take a look at your neighbors who’re employing organic lawn care to their properties. For example, you may have noticed that your next door neighbor started using organic lawn care in the past few years. Two years have gone by since she started her organic lawn care program, and you noticed that her lawn is green and thick with hardly any weeds. And she doesn’t use any harmful chemicals to get it to that point. You begin to think that maybe organic lawn care might be the ticket to using less chemicals and having a beautiful lawn at the same time.
Starting the Organic Process
Before your lawn and landscape maintenance company can work on your lawn to rehabilitate it, they first need to take samples of your soil. Then they send it to a lab to have it tested for the breakdown of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous—the three main nutrients for a healthy lawn. The soil test also reveals your soil’s pH level—if it has too much acidity or not enough. Your soil’s pH level determines how healthy your lawn grass will be in the upcoming year.
From there, your lawn care professional can design a nutrient program to meet your soil’s needs throughout the growing season. He’ll also set up a schedule with you to apply these vital nutrients throughout the spring, summer and fall.
What’s next?
Once your lawn care crew applies the nutrients to your lawn, they’ll overseed it with a grass mix suited for your property’s soil, moisture and climate. At this time, your lawn care company may also apply organic top dressing to give your new grass seeds a boost of nutrition for quick growth.
Next, it’s your job to make sure your lawn is adequately irrigated. Learn how to effectively water your lawn from this blog post.
Your Return on Investment
Organic lawn care is not a quick fix. Indeed, it can take several years until your property’s soil is rehabilitated enough to start growing yard grass that is thick and nearly weed-free. The less conventional products you used on your lawn in the past helps determine how quickly the organic process begins to work.
To speed up the process, you can use smart lawn care practices, such as not scalping your lawn, irrigating it less frequently and aerating your lawn in the fall.
Learn more about smart lawn care practices in our blog called, “Why Your Lawn Need a Spring Clean Up.”
Keep in mind that once your lawn starts to develop into a thick carpet of grass, you won’t need to spend as much money feeding it like you did when you used conventional methods.
If you rather not worry about lawn care, spring fertilization or mowing, then hire a pro who uses organic methods. Learn more about organic lawn care in this blog.
He can explain to you the different stages of preparing your soil for optimum grass growth. Plus, he’ll use a custom mix of grass seeds on your lawn, his crews will mow your lawn at the correct height and he’ll develop a lawn care program that works for your property.
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