Lawn Care

Your lawn is the carpet of your outdoor space and keeping it looking and performing its best is important to you. That means that you want great color, thickness, and growth— without a lot of weeds detracting from its overall beauty.

Of course, if you’ve ever tried to perform lawn care services or weed control on your own, then you probably already know there’s more involved than you once realized. Achieving a beautiful lawn is both a science and an art and it takes a lot of know-how and experience in terms of product application and timing.

At Majestic Lawn Care & Landscape, our conventional lawn care program will give you confidence you’ll receive the results you desire thanks to proper timing and application methods.

The program includes 6 visits (minimum) to address what your lawn needs at key times of the year.

Early Spring

High nitrogen fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control

Late Spring

Second fertilizer application, with less nitrogen (focused on balancing fertility) along with a second application of crabgrass control


Post-emergent weed control and grub control (if needed)

Late Summer

Post-emergent crabgrass control for any breakthrough

Early Fall

Fertilizer with the addition of iron and additional post-emergent crabgrass control

Late Fall

A final balancing of the fertilizer to prepare for winter and additional weed control to prevent winter weeds

In addition, lime and gypsum applications would be additional visits and may be needed if your lawn’s pH is unbalanced. We also recommend aeration and over-seeding, two additional lawn care services that will help achieve the lush green lawn you’re after.

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