Organic Lawn Care

Conventional fertilizers aren’t the only way to make your grass green. If you’re looking for a different approach to lawn care—one that is more focused on soil biology and natural performance—then you may be looking for organic lawn care.

At Majestic Lawn Care & Landscape, we offer an Organic Lawn Care program that works with what’s beneath the surface—which is actually what matters most. The truth is, your lawn’s performance is dependent upon the health of your soil. Naturally healthy soil is packed with beneficial microorganisms like bacteria and fungi which actually help your grass to digest nutrition.

With our Organic Lawn Care program, we can assist in building the health of your soil with our All-Natural Organic Fertilizers and soil supplements which will encourage soil biology. Organic lawn fertilizer works with nature by feeding the soil and in turn allowing the soil to feed your lawn.

All-Natural Premium Organic Fertilizer

Our program includes three applications of All-Natural Premium Organic Fertilizer. It also includes the use of soil amendments like lime/gypsum and soil conditioner when they’re needed. We can also incorporate a Compost Tea into your program, which is a liquid extract that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms which are used to build even more soil microbial populations.

With these efforts, coupled with some of our other beneficial lawn care services, you can have a lawn that is thriving naturally. This will have the added benefits of helping your lawn to naturally defend itself against threats like disease, pests, and even environmental stressors like drought. As the health of your lawn improves, it will even be able to better defend itself against weeds.

If you want to discover the hidden secret to a healthy lawn, then you need to look beneath the surface. With our Organic Lawn Care program, we’ll get your soil on its way to optimal health so that your lawn can reap the benefits.

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