It’s Time for Your Sprinkler System’s Spring Start-Up
The snow has finally melted, and your lawn is starting to green up. And that means it’s time to start-up your sprinkler system for the spring.
However, there is a five-step process to properly opening up your irrigation system. You may be a DIY’er, but your sprinkler system’s start up and spring cleaning could be out of your wheelhouse.
Instead, you need a landscape contractor who is trained in Hunter Irrigation Systems to get your system up and moving into the new growing season.

A Multi-Faceted Process

If you’re new to sprinkler systems, you may believe that it only takes a few taps of an app or a few turns of your manual controller to get the system up and running.
However, to properly de-winterize your system includes a five-step process. The process takes time, too, to ensure your system’s pipes and other irrigation components are in good working order.
Plus, following recommended steps by the manufacturer allows your system to last longer as well as helps you save time, money and water.
Here are those five steps:

  1. Slowly open the system’s central water valve: By opening the valve slowly, you allow the pipes to fill with water moderately. Too much water too quickly results in high-pressure surges, uncontrolled flow and water hammer. These three happenings can lead to pipes cracking or bursting.
  2. Make sure that each station valve is operating correctly: You check each station valve by turning on all zones by hand from the controller.
  3. Walk to each station to check on water pressure and equipment: For example, if you notice one station has low pressure, it indicates a line break or a missing sprinkler. You also want to check for proper rotation and adjust sprinkler heads for adequate coverage. If you have low performing sprinklers, clean the filters and change heads as necessary.

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  1. Replace your controller’s backup battery and reprogram your controller for automatic watering.
  2. Uncover and clean your system’s weather sensor.

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How Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Saves You Time and Frustration This Spring

There are a lot of steps to opening up your sprinkler system for the season. What do you do if you have a rotary head not pop up or a sprinkler head is broken?
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’re your Hunter Irrigation System’s contractor. We’ll come to your Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ home to open up your system for the season.
We’re experts in hydraulics, proper sprinkler system layout, hydrozoning and soil types.
We make sure that your system is up and running efficiently as well as save you the aggravation of dealing with broken or missing parts.
If you’re ready to open up your property’s sprinkler system for the season, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County, NY residents and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County, NJ residents. You can also fill out our contact form.
Since 1993, Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape has proudly served Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.
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