How an Outdoor Kitchen Makes Backyard Living Fun

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about backyard living again.
Warmer weather also brings barbeques, swimming in the pool and hosting a party in your backyard.
An outdoor kitchen allows you to provide a delicious meal to your hungry guests. And you’re able to enjoy the festivities because your outdoor kitchen is built to face your guests.

Your Outdoor Kitchen

Before you call your landscape design company, you first need to think about where you want to build your outdoor kitchen.
If it’s near your home, you can save money because your new kitchen will hook up to your home’s water, electricity and gas lines.
However, if you want to add a complete outdoor kitchen by your pool house, you’ll need to take the three hookups under consideration. A self-reliant outdoor kitchen can include refrigeration, warming cabinets and cabinetry.
When it comes to cabinetry, you have three choices:

  1. Stainless steel: Ideally, 304 stainless steel is the best to stand up to New York’s weather. It’s hardy, and it’ll match your grill.
  2. Marine grade polymer: Another strong cabinet, it’s easy to hose down, and it’s water-tight.
  3. Teak: If you love the classic look, teak is a good choice. Since it’s wood, however, it needs regular maintenance, especially if it’s exposed to the sun.

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Your outdoor cabinetry isn’t your only consideration for a new outdoor kitchen. You also need to consider

  • Flooring: You’ll most likely use flagstone, concrete, brick or patio pavers. You want them to match with your home’s colors as well as other outdoor flooring already in use.
  • Counter space: You have four choices for countertops: granite, concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile, and flagstone. Each has their pros and cons. Plus, some are more expensive than others.
  • Dining area: You can have a bar around the kitchen that allows your guests to sit and talk to you while you prepare the meal. Or you can have a separate area just off the kitchen for people to sit in comfortable chairs or sofas.
  • Cover your outdoor kitchen: A pergola or a pavilion make two good choices when you want to add a roof to your outdoor kitchen. Pergolas give you a break out of the sun, and a pavilion roof will protect you from rain and wind.
  • Cooking accessories: Everyone is different. If you love to prepare gourmet meals, you may want a full kitchen with refrigeration, lots of counter space, a pizza oven, bbq and Or you may want a simple grill with some counter space and a sink.

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Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Once you’ve decided where you’re putting your new outdoor kitchen and what materials you want to include in its construction, you need to talk to a landscape designer.
At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we have a landscape designer who’ll also oversee your entire outdoor kitchen project. So, he’ll design your dream bbq as well as see the entire project from start to finish.
When you contact Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape for your first appointment, you can bring all of your design ideas, wants and needs to the table. We will then make our suggestions and will draw up a design for you.
Your input is valued throughout the entire design process. You can ask questions and make changes before construction begins.
Take your backyard living up a notch by investing in an outdoor kitchen. You’ll spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather and creating scrumptious meals to please your family and friends.
If you live in the Rockland, NY region, call us today at (845) 708-2988 or fill out our contact form.
At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we provide services to Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ homeowners and businesses.
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