Protect Your Trees & Shrubs by Wrapping Them before Winter
Harsh winter winds, Nor’easters dumping tons of snow, and late winter sun and wind do a number on your woody ornamentals.
Indeed, these landscape plants are an investment. You don’t want them to get injured during the winter.

What is Winter Injury?

Winter injury occurs when your trees and shrubs dry out, limbs break and fall off due to ice, or the leaves die because of frigid temperatures, wind burn or desiccation.
Here are six common winter injuries that trees and shrubs sustain:

  1. Desiccation injury
  2. Direct low temperature injury
  3. Frost injury
  4. Frost heaving
  5. Snow and ice breakage
  6. Winter sunscald.

There are different ways to protect your shrubs and trees from these types of winter injuries. One common thread is properly watering your trees and shrubs until November.
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Other treatments include anti-desiccation treatments, pruning, mulching and burlap wrapping. For the purposes of this blog, the focus will be on tree and shrub wrapping to protect specific woody ornamentals.

Tree and Shrub Winter Wrapping

Typically, tree and shrub wrapping is done with burlap. For example, young, deciduous trees facing the south and southwest should have their trunks wrapped to protect them from winter sunscald that occurs in late winter.
Some evergreens need burlap screening or burlap covering to protect them from heavy snow and ice above.
Certain evergreens and other delicate woody ornamentals need to be wrapped if they’re planted on top of slopes and get the brunt of winter winds. Summer shrubs, such as hydrangea, also need burlap wrapping to protect their branches, trunk and limbs from harsh winter winds, snow and ice.
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Younger trees can be tied together with burlap strips to support them during winter’s worst snowstorms.
While you can wrap your trees and shrubs yourself, it’s better to hire a professional.

Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Will Wrap Your Trees and Shrubs before Winter

At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, owner Joe Holland is a certified arborist who trains his crews in burlap wrapping as well as applying anti-desiccant sprays and mulching. Protect your precious evergreens and young trees this with burlap wrap professionally installed by one of Majestic’s crews.
Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape will also protect your broadleaf evergreens with anti-desiccant spray which is a waxy coating to keep leaves from frost injury. The crews will also provide a layer of mulch to protect your landscape plants from frost heave due to freeze/thaw cycles.
If your trees and shrubs need burlap wrapping, anti-desiccant spray and mulching services, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County, NY and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County, NJ properties.
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