This winter’s snowstorms may have damaged your Rockland County, NY lawn because of the relentless back to back storms; desiccating winds; and Arctic temperatures.

At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we can help you assess this winter’s damage on your lawn. Here are some of the major maladies your New City lawn may have suffered this winter:

  • Winterkill is a generic term that refers to turf damage due to

    1. Desiccation by harsh winter winds
    2. Direct low temperature kill from the Artic blasts that we’ve been experiencing
    3. Ice encasement where the crown of the grass plants are semi-dormant and need oxygen to respire. Because of the ice encasing the plants, oxygen can’t get in and toxic gasses start to build. Over a period of weeks or months, however long ice is on the ground, toxic gasses end up poisoning the turf. This mostly happens to lawns that have compacted soil or poor drainage.

  • Snow mold, whether it’s gray or pink, is a fungus that forms under a heavy blanket of snow. Yet, you won’t know it until the snow melts and circular patches appear where healthy turf used to be.

    4. Pink snow mold – This mold comes from fungal spores building up under snow. If your lawn has pink snow mold, you’ll notice circular patches with a pinkish tint after the snow melts.
    5. Gray snow mold – Your turf may be infected with gray snow mold if it has sat underneath piles of snow. If you had your driveway plowed or shoveled, you may notice your lawn has bleached circular patches in areas where the snow piled up.

From Diagnosis to Lawn Repair

At Majestic Lawn and Landscape, we’ll diagnose and repair your New City, NY lawn to help it recover from winter damage. We’ll visit your property once the snow has melted and look at the patches that are left over from this winter’s heavy snowfall.
We’ll repair your lawn using the following cultural practices:

  1. Lightly raking your lawn to rid it from fungal spores.
  2. Check your lawn’s thatch levels. If thatch is more than a ½” thick, we’ll remove excess thatch with a rake.
  3. If needed, we’ll apply a light coating of fertilizer on your lawn to give it a boost.
  4. If needed, we’ll apply a fungicide if snow mold spores exist to grow after we employed all cultural practices to naturally remove it.
  5. We’ll reseed areas where grass didn’t recover from winterkill or the snow molds.

In the fall, we’ll design a lawn care package that’ll reduce your risk of winter damage in 2015-2016. Here are some of the lawn care techniques we’ll employ to prepare your lawn for next winter:

  • We’ll keep mowing your lawn until the grass stops growing in late fall.
  • We’ll limit the amount of fertilizer applied to your lawn in the fall to reduce your snow mold risk.
  • We’ll erect a snow fence to keep snow from piling up on your lawn.
  • We’ll apply a sand top dressing to protect your lawn from winterkill.
  • We can apply fabric covers and wind screens to your lawn to protect your turf from ice encasement, desiccation, or direct low temperature kill.
  • And we’ll core aerate the areas of your lawn that have compacted soil or poor drainage to protect your turf from ice encasement.

If you live in Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ, call us at 845-708-2988 or fill out our contact form to make your appointment today.


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