Why Your NY or NJ Lawn Needs Mosquito and Tick Controls
It’s summertime again and that means outdoor BBQs and pool parties. It also means bad bugs that bring disease.
Protect your family and friends this year by investing in mosquito and tick controls as well as eliminating tick and mosquito habitats in your Rockland County or Bergen County property.

Mosquito Controls

Even though you may have eliminated standing water from your flowerpots, tire swings and kiddie pools, mosquitos can still find their way onto your property. So, you want to include an added layer of protection.
Mosquitoes will breed in water that is shaded and isn’t moving. For example, if there are water bottle lids filled with water on the shady side of your deck, a female mosquito will be able to deposit her eggs in them.
When you hire a professional to get rid of mosquitoes on your property, you want a licensed professional pest control applicator. The applicator will spray tiny droplets of EPA-registered control on top mosquito breeding habitats, such as trees and shrubs, around woodlands and other shady, mulched areas.
You can also remove potential mosquito habitats from your property, including

  • Emptying all containers that hold water
  • Making sure the screens on your windows are tight with no holes
  • Cleaning out your gutters of old leaves and twigs that could block water from moving through during a rain event
  • Repairing leaky outdoor faucets
  • Changing your birdbath water frequently
  • Making sure there are no trash can lids, grill covers and tarps holding water
  • Keeping up-to-date with pool and pond chemicals and cleaning.

When your lawn is drained correctly, you’re eliminating a major mosquito habitat.

Tick Control

The explosion of ticks in the Northeast is an ever-present danger. Fortunately, your licensed professional pest control applicator has the deterrents needed to keep ticks off of your property.
Please note, that ticks won’t populate a lawn that gets full sun. Instead, ticks live in dark, shady and humid areas on your property. These spots include:

  • Wooded areas
  • Parts of your property that are shaded and don’t get much sun
  • Under leaf litter
  • Wood piles
  • Stone walls
  • In shaded, perennial beds
  • Under trees, bushes and hedges.

So, the first step to protection is calling your pest control applicator to spray an EPA-registered application that kills ticks in all stages of life—from the egg, to nymph, to adult.
Typically, your professional pest control applicator will spray for ticks from the end of May through September to control the population, depending on the temperature.
Our Program:

  • Treatments will occur from the months of April thru September
  • First 2 rounds will be applied in the first 2 weeks after signing up for the program
  • 2 to 3 weeks in between treatments are highly recommended
  • A minimum of 4 treatments is required to aid in the control of mosquitos
  • The busiest months for mosquito control will be June, July, and August

You, too, can control your property’s tick population by following these suggestions:

  • Do a head-to-toe check after being outdoors. Showers and baths protect you from ticks biting since they’ll slide off your wet body.
  • Buy protective clothing that’s pre-treated with a tick preventer.
  • Go to your veterinarian for tick prevention medicine for your dogs and cats.
  • Rake up leaves and clean up wood piles.
  • Eliminate areas for wildlife feeding. Birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels and deer can bring harmful ticks onto your property.

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How Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Helps Keep Mosquito and Ticks Off of Your Property

At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, our technicians hold licenses for professional pest control applicators. We offer organic and traditional perimeter pest control to homeowners in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ
Right now is the perfect time to schedule your mosquito and tick controls. You can have a one-time visit if you’re planning a graduation, shower or wedding in your backyard. Alternatively, you can join our pest control program for the entire growing season.
If you want to protect your family, friends and pets from harmful mosquitoes and ticks this summer, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County, NY residents and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County, NJ residents. You can also fill out our contact form.
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