4 Low Maintenance Plants for Your New York Landscape
Landscape Maintenance for Rockland County, NY & Bergen County, NJ
For many people, low maintenance landscaping is the way to go. You can still have color, fragrance and texture with perennials that need very little care and promise to come up each spring.
Here are four low maintenance perennials we recommend for your Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ property:

  1. Daylilies: These perennials come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Their green leaves start popping out of the ground in spring and their blossoms grace your beds in late June through early August. You only need to cut back their spent leaves in late fall or early spring.
  2. Hostas: Got a lot of trees? Hostas complement shady areas with their variegated leaves and colorful blooms. Again, these perennials come in a variety of sizes—from miniature to giant hostas. And they also come in a wide range of green from variegated, to light green, to bluish green, to yellow-green, to a whitish yellow color. Their lily-like blooms are just as varied in color and bloom size. These hardy perennials take pretty good care of themselves. You’ll only need to trim back spent blooms and separate the plants when they get too big.
  3. Spirea: A traditional, low-maintenance perennial, this shrub has cone-shaped or circular blossoms that pop up in late spring/early summer. This shrub will keep blooming throughout the summer and well into the fall—especially if it’s regularly dead-headed. Leaves come in a multitude of colors too. This shrub will need to be pruned back in late fall or early spring to retain its shape.
  4. Blacked-eyed Susan: This traditional summer flower starts with its leaves in mid- to late spring. The blossoms slowly open in late June through fall. You’ll attract lots of birds and pollinators to your gardens with these native plants.

Not only do these low maintenance perennials not require a lot of hands-on care, they also are drought-tolerant and hardy.
If you want to enjoy your landscape without having to maintain it daily, then contact us at Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape to help you pick the right low maintenance perennials for your property. Call us at (845)708-2988 or fill out our contact form.
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