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Giving Grubs the Snub in Bergen County, NJ & Rockland County, NY

If you live in Bergen County, New Jersey or Rockland County, New York, you know the damage that grubs can do to your lawn. Most grubs that destroy your lawn are called white grubs. These grubs are immature scarab beetles, such as European chafers, Japanese beetles, and Oriental beetles. Now’s the time to put down […]

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6 Ways We Can Make Your New City, NY Entryway Say “Welcome Home”

How do you create an outdoor entryway that says “Welcome Home”? You send that cheerful message when your entryway and front yard are well-maintained with seasonal flowers in front beds, containers and urns, as well as a healthy lawn and sturdy walkways. Springtime is the perfect time to spruce up your entryway. At Majestic Lawn […]

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