Do You Have Flowers Popping Up in Your Lawn?
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So you stand on your deck, and as you looking across your backyard, you see your lawn grass has small purple flowers dotting it. At closer inspection, you notice that it’s violas, also known as Johnny-jump-ups.
Why are they in your yard?
Seed-bearing flowers sometimes find themselves in your yard because the wind, birds, or even you walking on your yard transported these seeds last fall.
But it also means that your lawn may not be as healthy as it can be.
In this blog, you’ll learn about some flowers that will make your lawn their home, what you can do about it and how a professional lawn care company can help you keep these flowers out of your yard.
How These Annuals Got In Your Yard
While the wind, birds and people are often the culprits for bringing seeds into your yard, your lawn still provides the perfect haven for these seeds to develop if you have existing lawn care problems.
For example, Johnny jump-ups flourish in poorly draining soil that stays moist.
Violas are not the only flowers you may see in your Rockland County, NY lawn. You may also notice

  • Buttercups
  • Chamomile
  • Clover
  • English daisy
  • Speedwell

There are solutions for keeping flowers out of your New York or New Jersey lawn. You first need to evaluate your soil and see what your lawn needs to get healthy.
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The Solutions
You have many options to get rid of flowers and avoid future flowers from growing in your lawn. However, it does require more work that sometimes is better done by a lawn care and landscape professional.
To get rid of current flowers, you or your lawn care professional can hand-pull these weeds or spot treat them with an herbicide. And to avoid future flowers in your yard, you can do the following:

  1. Poor soil drainage: Violets and violas do well in poor drainage soil where the grass is thinly growing. You can improve your soil’s drainage by adding compost or peat moss to the area, or you can transform that spot from lawn grass to raised garden beds.
  2. Thin lawn: You can overseed your lawn, so your grass grows densely. A thick, healthy lawn crowds out weeds and flowers—leaving you with a lush, carpet of
  3. Practice good lawn maintenance: Lawn maintenance includes
    • Only cutting the top third off your grass when you mow your lawn
    • Testing your soil to discover what nutrients are missing and the pH level
    • Fertilizing your lawn at the right time and in the right amount to replenish the soil to grow healthy grass seed
    • Adding gypsum to your soil to get the right pH level
    • Properly water your lawn—it only needs an inch per week. You should irrigate your lawn in the early morning hours and water it deeply. Plus, if you get an inch of rain—you won’t need to turn on your irrigation system that week because your lawn got all of the water it needed from that one storm.
  4. Weed control: Depending on the severity of your lawn’s problem or if you’re already incorporating the above, and still have flowers in your yard, then weed control is right for you. Weed control, professionally applied in small amounts, will kill existing weeds to give your lawn a fresh start.

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Why You Need a Professional Lawn Care and Landscaping Company
Many times, it’s difficult to employ smart lawn care and landscaping maintenance chores when you’re busy with your job and your family. Or maybe you prefer to enjoy your lawn rather than spending all weekend tending it.
A professional lawn care and landscape maintenance company can help you with sound lawn care techniques. They know about soil health, lawn care and how to achieve a healthy lawn.
So while your kids might enjoy picking the pretty, purple flowers dotting your yard, you don’t want an unplanned mini-flower garden in the middle of it.
Instead, it’s time to hire a lawn care company to get rid of this miniature flower bed and develop a healthy green lawn that you and your family can enjoy all summer long.
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