Joe Holland, CLT

Certified Arborist

Founder and President

Beginning in September of 1993, Joe has worked hard to establish and maintain a quality lawn care, tree care and landscape design-build company that has grown significantly over the last 26 years! Joe is always looking for better ways to serve Majestic’s clients and to keep his employees happy. Joe believes that honesty is the best policy: if we can do it for you, we’ll be happy to do so…if we can’t…we’ll help you find someone who we know can.

In 2016 Joe became a Certified Arborist, a certification that is recognized all over the world! To achieve this status, he is one of only 2% of landscape professionals in the US with this certification! He is also Landscape Industry Certified, since 2011, and is recognized by the International Certified Council to have met the high standards dictated to achieve this status. He is certified in Natural Lawn & Turf Management and is an Organic Lawn Care Accredited Professional (OLCAP).

Joe has been a Rockland County resident since 1965. Joe also enjoys playing the drums, which he has been doing since the fourth grade. Over the years, he has played professionally, touring the country and playing off Broadway, in NYC, in the play ‘Heat Lightning’, recording with several bands, and of course, playing locally with bands since the late 70’s. He also played on the soundtrack of the play “MOD”, produced in Scotland, in the summer of 2008.

He is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Road King on the weekends, or as often as his schedule and kids will allow him.

Joe became a father for the first time, at the tender age of 50, in the summer of 2010 when his beautiful daughter Emma Leigh came into this world. His son, Joseph IV, was born 18 months later on January 13, 2012. Joe loves being a dad.

Julio Cano – Lawn Crew Chief

Julio and Joe started Majestic together, back in 1993; they worked side-by-side for many years. Julio has extensive knowledge and skill in making properties in the Rockland County area beautiful! He puts great effort and commitment into his work as a Crew Chief for Majestic.


Tomas Vasquez – Lawn Crew Chief

Tomas has been with Majestic since 1996. Tomas is very skilled at making your lawn, shrubs and property look great! Week-to-week and month-to-month, you can count on Tomas and his crew to keep both you and your property happy.


Lester Broncano – Lawn Crew Chief

As a part of the Majestic staff since 2001, Lester has worked on landscaping, tree, and lawn maintenance crews. Lester is well-rounded in this business and is currently in charge of a lawn crew. Lester will be happy to oblige you, the customer, in any way that he can.


Amadeo Cordova – Landscape & Tree Crew Chief

Amadeo wears many hats at Majestic and has been with the company since 2000. As “head honcho” when he’s on a construction or tree removal site, Amadeo is the “go to guy”. Amadeo runs all of the equipment in the Majestic arsenal and makes most of the on-site decisions, if Joe’s not around. He has great mechanical ability and often helps by diagnosing and fixing any small repairs to equipment in the morning, which helps to get our lawn crews out on time each day.

Jose “Gordo” Alercon – Landscape & Tree Crew Chief

Jose has been a valuable part of Majestic since 2001 and he wears many hats. He runs the lawn care crew mostly but when our landscape or tree crews split up Jose takes charge of the second crew. Jose is also the biggest landscaper in Rockland (literally!) and a very hard worker…you won’t miss him when he’s on your job!

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