Why Your Lawn Needs Organic Gypsum This Fall
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So, fall has arrived, and that means your NY lawn needs an organic soil conditioner, working in conjunction with core aeration to loosen up the ground. Gypsum is a natural soil conditioner that helps reduce soil compaction.
And organic gypsum not only works as a soil conditioner but also as a soil amendment and fertilizer—replenishing the nutrients in your soil after a hot summer depleted them.
In this blog, you’ll learn more about organic gypsum, how it improves the soil—which means healthier lawn grass, and how it works with core aeration and overseeding.
What is gypsum?
Gypsum occurs naturally in the environment. It’s made up of two elements—calcium and sulfur, and when they’re combined, it produces calcium sulfate.
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How Gypsum Improves Your Lawn
Calcium sulfate works in the soil to help reduce compaction, adds needed minerals and gets rid of excess salt in the ground. Here are some other benefits of applying gypsum to your property:

  • It reduces soil compaction
  • It helps air and water penetrate deeply into the soil
  • It encourages root development and growth
  • It improves the grass’s ability to absorb essential nutrients
  • It prepares the ground to receive seed
  • It helps with seed development
  • It benefits earthworms that naturally aerate the soil.

Core Aeration and Overseeding
Your lawn care company will apply gypsum to your soil at the same time as providing core aeration and overseeding services. Gypsum works with aeration to reduce soil compaction and to improve seedling growth.
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In a few weeks, you’ll notice your new grass growing thickly and deeply. Then in early spring, your green lawn comes back so thick that there is no room for weeds to get a foothold on your property.
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we provide core aeration, overseeding and gypsum applications. And now’s the time to schedule your appointment.
If you have bare patches in your lawn or if it feels like concrete when you walk on your property, you probably have soil compaction. Call us today to make your fall aeration, overseeding and gypsum appointment at (845) 708-2988 or fill out our contact form.
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