Poolscaping—4 Ways to Make Your Pool Area Beautiful & Inviting
It’s almost time to open your in-ground pool for the summer. You’re planning on a big party over the Memorial Day weekend—and you want to enhance your poolscaping.
There are four ways to make your pool area beautiful and inviting:

  1. With landscaping plants
  2. With landscape lighting
  3. With a patio and walkways
  4. With outdoor structures.

In this blog, you’ll learn how a professional landscape design/build company can create a poolscaping masterpiece using these four ways.

Create a Beautiful Landscape Around Your Pool

Bring your pool area to life with plants, trees and shrubs! Poolscaping plant materials need to be able to handle partial to full sun, humidity, as well as splashes of chlorine, salt (from a saline pool) and pool cleaning supplies.
Also, you need to consider a plant’s debris, such as fruits, seed pods and leaves. Of course, you can keep your pool free from these things with a pool cover.
When it comes to the wow factor in your poolscape, consider these landscape plant features:

  • Color – You want continuous color from the spring through late fall. Pines, ferns and other plants provide a cool green feel while black-eye Susans, elephant ears, hostas and daylilies add pops of color. Don’t forget mulch—it adds a finishing touch as well as adds an earth tone to your poolscape.
  • Texture – Different plants provide different textures. For example, ferns allude to the tropical feel as well as their various leaf shapes create a Zen atmosphere of calm and coolness.
  • Visual appeal – Potted palms, banana trees and birds of paradise give your poolscape that tropical island feel. Plus, they’re hardy enough to handle getting splashed with chlorine, saline pool water and pool cleaning chemicals. And yet, you’ll need a place to put your potted tropical plants indoors over the winter.
  • Longevity – You don’t want to plant new trees, shrubs and flowers every year—except for a few annuals. So, invest in plants that are well-suited to New York and New Jersey’s climate—including its cold winters.
  • Privacy – Arborvitae and other shrubs provide perfect natural screens to keep nosey neighbors or that ugly commercial building out of site while you and your family are enjoying your pool.

It’s best to start with native plants because they can handle the Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ climate. They tolerate dry periods, the changing seasons as well as their longevity to return year after year.
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Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting not only helps you see during a night-time pool party, but it also brings your poolscape alive at night.
Pathway lighting helps your guests see the walkway leading to the pool, while colored lights dance underwater. Your pool’s waterfall can be backlit to highlight its splendor as a backdrop to your backyard dinners.
Today’s LED lights come in a variety of colors—including soft yellows. They also save energy and LED bulbs can last up to 18 years. You can add automatic dimmers as well as the turn on/off switch on your smartphone.
You don’t have to make the pool the center of your party. But you can create it as an enhancement to your outdoor entertaining.

Your Pool Patio

Your pool contractor might not have a clue on designing a pool patio to mesh with the rest of your outdoor living areas.
Instead, you want to hire a landscape design/build company to create a patio that connects your poolscape with the rest of your outdoor rooms.
Walkways, bridges and gates serve as transition pieces between your backyard rooms and the pool area.
You pick out the perfect material for your patio:

  • Natural stone
  • Blue- or flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Bricks
  • Stamped concrete
  • Precast concrete.

You can design a pool patio to include

  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A pool house
  • A cabana
  • A swim-up bar connecting the pool with the rest of your patio.

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Shade Structures
While it’s great to catch some sun and work on a tan, there are times where you want to be out of the sun. Outdoor structures make perfect shades from summer’s blistering heat.
Consider installing

  • An arbor – You can start plants to grow up and over your arbor to add color, fragrance and
  • A gazebo – If you’re a romantic at heart or you have your grandchildren over for a swim, a gazebo makes a great poolside structure. A ceiling fan keeps the gazebo cool to sit back and take a rest from playing in the pool. You can add landscape lighting to enjoy it at night too as well as create a romantic mood.
  • A pergola – Pergolas come in lots of varieties. You can have one built that includes automatic sun shades to add full sun protection. Or you can create a traditional pergola for a respite from the sun.
  • A pool pavilion – Add a pavilion near your pool that gives complete shade. Combine it with your outdoor kitchen by adding a dining area under the pavilion.

A Word about Fencing

Every municipality requires pool fencing to keep people and animals out of your pool. And yet, you don’t need to settle for a boring one.
Instead, at Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we can provide you with a variety of fence designs and colors that enhance your poolscape and meld perfectly with the rest of your outdoor living design.
At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your poolscaping needs.
If you want to renovate your boring pool area into a beautiful and inviting destination, call us today at (845) 708-2988 or at (201) 788-7191. You can also fill out our contact form to start the design process.
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