Renovating Your NY/NJ Lawn This Fall
Have you recently moved into your Rockland or Bergen County home? Did your new home include a weedy lawn?
Conversely, you may have lived in your home for years, but you’ve been unsuccessful in keeping a vibrant, green lawn. What can you do?
It may be time for a lawn renovation.

Lawn Renovation Defined

When you decide to renovate your lawn, you’re starting over. Starting over with a complete lawn renovation includes:

  • Soil test: Every lawn renovation begins with a soil test. Why? Because your lawn care professional needs to know what your lawn is lacking in nutrients that are causing its decline.
  • Weed control: Depending on how many weeds are infesting your lawn, your lawn pro will add weed control to stop the weeds from germinating and growing. Sometimes, turfgrass is overcrowded with weeds and will need to have the entire area covered with weed control to renovate it.
  • Thatch removal: Depending on the level of thatch your yard grass has, your lawn professional will dethatch the area. Remember, thatch lives between the live grass and the soil line. It’s made up of dead and living grass stems and roots. If your yard has over an inch of thatch, it’ll need de-thatching.

You’ll need to water your lawn regularly after it’s been reseeded. Read how a lawn sprinkler can help you get the job done faster and more thoroughly.

  • Core aeration: Depending on soil compaction and the level of renovation that your property needs, a lawn care company near you may need to aerate the soil to relieve
  • Grading: If your property needs to be leveled—removing high spots and filling in low places—you may need your lawn graded as part of the renovation process.
  • Lime application: If your soil test indicates that your soil is too acidic, your lawn care crew will add gypsum to make it more balanced for grass to grow.
  • Fertilization: Your renovated lawn may need fertilizing more than one time during the repair stage to add the missing nutrients in the ground. Remember, healthy soil leads to healthy turfgrass.
  • Tillage: When your lawn technician tills your yard, he’ll drag gypsum and fertilizer over your lawn, or he’ll use a machine to get these two soil amendments deep into the soil, preparing it for seed.
  • Soil amendments: Depending on what your soil test indicates, your lawn care team may use other soil amendments to get the ground ready to house grass. Sometimes, additional organic matter is added two to three inches deep into the soil to repair it.

Read more how Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape keeps weeds out of your lawn.

  • Seeding: Your lawn care professional will use the right seed blend adapted for NY and NJ’s climate. It will be a mix of shade and full sun.
  • Rolling: A roller is used to cover the seedlings thoroughly within the earth. Rolling the dirt also helps to push down any seed not firmly planted.
  • Mulching: Your lawn care company will add straw or other mulch to cover your newly seeded lawn. Mulching helps keep soil temperature consistent, holds in moisture and protects the seedlings as they grow.
  • Cultural practices: The last part of a lawn renovation involves you. Your technician will give you a turf aftercare sheet, telling you what you need to do in order for the seedlings to grow into a healthy lawn. The aftercare instructions include the best mowing and watering practices. Since renovating your lawn is expensive, you want to make sure you follow the directions to encourage healthy, new growth.

How Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Renovates Your Lawn

At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’ve been taking care of lawns in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ for over 25 years. We can handle all of your lawn care needs including a complete lawn renovation.
Each lawn has different needs, so your renovation will look different from your neighbor’s. But it’ll accomplish the same goal of returning your turfgrass to health.
We provide both organic and conventional lawn renovation options.
If your NY or NJ lawn looks like it needs a renovation, call us today at (845) 708-2988 for Rockland County residents and (201) 788-7191 for Bergen County residents.
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Since 1993, Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape has been proudly serving Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.
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