Yes, NY Homeowners, You Need Grub Control in August
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Did you know that your lawn could suffer from two grub outbreaks per year?
In late June, we might’ve applied grub control to your lawn to get rid of the grubs that hatched last fall. At Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape, we’re providing a second grub application to lawns that take care of grubs that are hatching now in early August.
How is Fall Grub Control Different from the Spring Application?
There are two types of grub control on the market. One is designed to kill young grubs in late June. And the second grub control is made for newly hatched grubs.
If you applied grub control that you bought at a retail store, you might have used the wrong one—you might’ve used the one for newly hatched grubs—which will not work in the spring.
Here’s the basic lifecycle of a grub as it matures into a Japanese or European chafer beetle:

  • In late spring, June and early July grubs that hatched in the fall start to eat as they develop into beetles.
  • After these young grubs transform into beetles from July through the early part of August, they mate and deposit their eggs.
  • Female Japanese beetles can lay up to 60 eggs over a two to three week period.
  • These eggs hatch from early August through October. And they’re hungry, so they’re busy eating your yard grass roots.
  • In the fall, these grubs will burrow down deep into the soil to overwinter.
  • In the spring, the cycle starts again when grubs resurface to the top of the soil line and resume eating your turf.

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Organic Grub Control
If you prefer a more natural way to get rid of grubs, you can opt for our organic grub control. Our organic product works to kill grubs naturally without polluting the soil.
Did you know that organic lawn care saves you money on your water bills? Read more.
It’s also safe for your pets and children to play outside right after treatment. There are no harmful ingredients in our organic treatments.
With help from us, you can conquer your grub problem, both in the early summer and in the fall.
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